This is the sign-up page.


  • Swearing is not tolerated
  • Know your place (Respect higher ranking soldiers)
  • No glitching
  • Know your unit (The leaders shall see which class of trooper you are most suited for)
  • Live by your nickname (Leaders shall nickname you for whatever action you have done while training)


If you pass training which is on Geonosis on multiplayer on the UNSC Server, you shall have a name change.

Example: UNSC.Pt.Boost

Depending on the class of which you are most suited to, you shall always have to use that unit. And your two lettered words during the middle of your name are your unit rank.


  • PT (private. Normal clone)
  • HW (sergeant. Heavy weapons)
  • CS (sergeant first class. Clone sniper)
  • CE (leuitenant. Clone engineer)
  • JT (captain. Jet trooper)
  • LD (leader. any class. Most preferred unit: Galactic Marine)

Then you must download three mods. Conversion Pack 2.2, Dark Times, and Landing at Point Rain. Afterwards. you may meet up for battles with the other members on weekends from 2:30 PM ET--5:00 PM ET. Our favorite map is Rhen Var Harbor, where anyone can be a Galactic Marine unit. For sign-up talk to Clonefanatic.

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